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Leanne, Amazon E-Book

'Having Faith' is an amazing source of encouragement. No matter what you are waiting on God for, this book will assist tremendously to keep you going on your own faith journey.

Joanne, England

'Having Faith' did amazing things to me yesterday. I couldn't put it down! I read the whole book in one day. It really encouraged me in my faith as I had walked away from God since 2016.

What a beautiful story and so encouraging. As I read, my faith started to increase...

Your book is amazing and although you speak of your journey of infertility it can be read at many different levels. It's a journey of faith and can speak into anyone's life about knowing the Saviour and putting all of our trust in Him.

I'm s thankful for your story —I feel you have implanted a measure of faith that I need right now. What a beautiful story and so encouraging.

Denisa - Koorong Books

My husband and I have been on this "unexplained infertility" journey for about 3-years now. Reading 'Having Faith' renewed hope and reinforced my faith in God. So many times while I was reading your book, it felt as if my own thoughts and feelings were spoken back to me. Thank you for sharing your testimony through your book. I know many women in similar circumstances will find it highly encouraging.

Karen & Fritz, Private

What a beautiful testimony God gave you! Now you have not only three lovely children but a treasured relationship with God because of it. 'Having Faith' is such a delightful story. Thank you for sharing it.

Keith VDK, Kobo E-Book

'Having Faith' is a beautiful story of endurance, belief, and absolute faith in what God's plan was for you. A wonderful read.

Catherine C - Amazon Reader

After reading your book 'Having Faith', I have to say that my hopes of being a mother have been rekindled - even when science and logic says it's impossible. Yet I still hope. Especially when I read your story.

Samantha, Women's Conference

I was one of the ladies at the Women's Camp in WA where you were a guest speaker and I have just read your book - 'Having Faith'. I greatly enjoyed it and got an enormous amount of inspiration from it. In fact, I was sad that the book had to end.

Jan, Private

You have written the most inspiring and encouraging book I've read in many years. Well done! What an awesome journey you and Jamie have been on. I well related to much of it but your tenacity and faithful perseverance is something beyond my experience. I believe 'Having Faith' will have a profound effect on many lives, not just those facing the lonliness of childlessness, as barrenness takes many forms.


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