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Having Faith allowed me find a new sense of hope in our own challenges of trying to have children. When all hope was lost for us, this book enabled me continue the journey and have the confidence to hope again.


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Nicole's story not only allowed me some insights to overcoming my own challenges, but gave me the inspiration I needed to confront some of my fear. Nicole is author that balances a good sense of heart and head!


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Nicole Zoch resides in country Victoria, Australia, with her husband Jamie, and three children, Faith, Joel, and Levi. Jamie and Nicole own and operate a residential and commercial building company in the Macedon Ranges whilst also managing their Pine Plantation on the outskirts of Woodend. Nicole is the Founder of Lionize Press, a Christian Publishing House designed to empower and equip upcoming Christian Authors in their self-publishing pursuit. Nicole continues to write Christian literature and besides assisting in her family businesses, she also enjoys her part-time ministry work at their local Baptist church.

Jamie and Nicole are both passionate about seeing the broken-hearted restored, and encouraging God’s children to accept their true worth and value in him. After  coming out of a cultish church upbringing, Jamie and Nicole both tried to do life their own way. It ended up messy! It was the unlikely gift of a barrenness season that led Nicole on a faith journey of her own, and ultimately brought a newfound intimate relationship with the Trinity of God. It was during this time in the wilderness that Nicole learnt to worship, trust, and desire God more than anything else. And it was out of a painful barrenness experience that God realigned all that was broken in both Jamie’s and her life. If you would like Nicole to pray for you or if you would like to get in touch with her.


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