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"God is the only reason I write. An audience with the King is all I desire. And so I write for Him.

I write because of Him. I write to honour Him". ––Nicole Zoch

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Nicole Zoch resides in the countryside of Victoria, Australia with her husband Jamie, and three children, Faith, Joel, and Levi. She has been in church ministry for over two decades, including most recently as the Lead Elder / Prophet in a five-fold ministry church, modeled on Christ's ascension gifts as described in Ephesians 4:11-16. Recently she has also co-founded a mobile House of Prayer/Healing Ministry and an online Prophetic Hub in order to support emerging prophetic voices around the world.​

Nicole is passionate about empowering God's children to walk out their God-given purpose and calling. It is the essence of her ministry — to see the broken-hearted restored and to encourage others to accept their true worth and value in Christ. This passion was birthed after Nicole and her husband Jamie came out of a cultish church upbringing and tried to do life their way. It ended up messy! The 'unlikely gift' of a nine-year infertility-to-motherhood journey led Nicole on a healing faith path of her own.  

As she desperately sought answers for her empty womb, God began to reveal more of Himself to her, drawing Nicole deeper into an intimate relationship with the Trinity of God.  As she describes in her first book, 'Having Faith', it was out of this extraordinary faith journey that Nicole learned to extravagantly worship, trust, and desire God more than anything else. It was also out of this intimate season with the Lord, that Nicole came to see that being present in God's presence - walking and talking with Him 'In the Cool Of The Day' (as described in her second book) is exactly where she belongs!

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In The Cool Of The Day is for those longing for God's presence, yearning for the more, and wanting to immerse themselves in a daily moment with their Creator. It is for those desiring to saturate themselves in the wondrous love of Jesus and to wade deep into His life-changing Word.

In The Cool Of The Day is food for the hungry, water for the thirsty, and a beautiful, gentle invitation to take up the daily walk with God—to pray, commune, and discover more of His majesty, love, and grace.

Nicole takes you on an intimate exploration of the spiritual postures of the three Marys, inspiring each of us to abide at the feet of Jesus (Mary of Bethany), patiently wait for His instruction (Mary Magdalene), and receive God's calling on our life (Mary the mother of Jesus).

Join her as she unpacks the spiritual truths gleaned from the testimonies of these three Marys, along with her own collection of God-conversations and miraculous encounters in the cool of the day.

Having Faith is a love story between an ordinary Aussie girl and her extraordinary Father in heaven. It is a story of God's boundless love, and steadfast faithfulness; a testimony of God teaching and refining one woman's faith walk through a long and heartbreaking nine-year infertility journey.

As Nicole desperately sought answers for her empty womb, God unveiled many spiritual truths that aided her infertility-to-motherhood journey.

Through a season each of asking, seeking, and knocking God revealed more of Himself, drawing her deeper into an intimate relationship with the Trinity of God.

Out of that newfound intimacy, God then began to bring to light every area in her life that needed His healing touch. From personal and matrimonial healing to spiritual rebuilding, God wrought restoration, victory, and freedom. And from there God granted a barren woman the desires of her heart—motherhood!

Nicole is the author of 'In The Cool Of The Day' and 'Having Faith'. You can order a personalized copy directly through her online shop by clicking on the links below. Alternatively, both books are available globally at any good, online bookstore.

Rebecca Moore, Author & Publisher

Nicole speaks straight to the heart of God's sons and daughters, speaking His words in a way that is essential for the days we are living in. She communicates the Father's love with grace, gentleness, and a longing for His children to be in intimate conversation with Him, while also preparing them to be ready for His glorious return... 

 Nicole's inspired work In The Cool Of The Day is like eating fruit – nourishing for the soul – and will inspire fruitfulness within its readers. Every child of God who longs to be in His presence, to know Him more, and to be hearing His beautiful voice, should read this book. It is certainly a book that is birthed for such a time as this...

Jessica Morris, Others Magazine

Without nullifying the journey or the outcome of other women, Zoch's debut is a faith-inducing read. Whether you want a family, or have hopes and dreams that have not yet come to fruition, Having Faith is a remarkable story. (Read more here).

Lillies Library, Amazon Reader

Having Faith is an inspirational story about not giving up on God, and allowing Him to reveal His glory in your life, even in the face of what might seem impossible.

Leanne Shaw, Co-Senior Pastor, Living Faith Community Curch, Perth

Throughout the pages of In The Cool Of The Day, Nicole definitely establishes from Scripture the spiritual principles of abiding, waiting, and receiving, and through revelation and insights from the Spirit of God, she unpacks them thoroughly and considerately...


Using real-life applications and experiences, Nicole teaches us how to enjoy a greater relationship with the triune God. You will be blessed reading this book –your faith will be strengthened, and you will be encouraged to spend more time in His loving presence.



Flowers and Shadows
Flowers and Shadows


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