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Nicole Zoch resides in country Victoria, Australia with her husband Jamie, and three children, Faith, Joel, and Levi. Whilst overseeing a House of Prayer / revivalist Church in nearby Daylesford, Nicole also writes Christian literature, (her second book soon to be released in 2021), and she is an emerging prophetic voice in Australasia.

Nicole has a passion to see the broken-hearted restored and to see God's children accept their true worth and value in Him. After coming out of a cultish church upbringing, Jamie and Nicole tried to do life their own way. It ended up messy! It was the unlikely gift of a nine-year infertility-to-motherhood journey that led Nicole on a restorative faith path of her own. As she desperately sought answers for her empty womb, God began to reveal more of Himself to her; drawing Nicole deeper into an intimate relationship with the Trinity of God. It was out of this extraordinary faith-journey that Nicole learnt to extravagantly worship, trust, and desire God more than anything else. The love of the Lord permeated deep within her heart and soul from that moment on, and Nicole's life was wonderfully and forevermore changed!


"With all my heart and passion I will thank you, my God!

I will give glory to Your name, always and forever".

- Psalms 86:12 TPT

About The Author


Shadow on Concrete Wall

Testimonials - 'Having Faith'

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Jessica Morris, Others Magazine

"Without nullifying the journey or the outcome of other women, Zoch's debut is a faith-inducing read. Whether you want a family, or have hopes and dreams that have not yet come to fruition, Having Faith is a remarkable story". (Read more here).

Lillies Library, Amazon Reader

An inspirational story about not giving up on God, and allowing Him to reveal His glory in your life, even in the face of what might seem impossible".

Leanne, Amazon Reader

"An amazing source of encouragement. No matter what you are waiting on God for, this book will assist tremendously to keep you going on your own faith-journey".


Prophetic Words

"My sheep listen to my voice, I know them and they follow my lead".

- John 10:27

"It has only been in recent years that I have realised that John 10:27 has in fact been my literal walk for my entire life. I have known my Shepherd's voice from as young as I can remember, and it has (as naturally as I breathe) framed my existence. I talk to God, I expect Him to talk to me, and so I follow His lead.  


It's hard to fathom that the God of the Universe, the Great I AM is wanting (desperately) to converse with His created. And yet since the beginning of time, since the moment mankind was formed in the image of God, our Heavenly Father has ardently desired to "walk and talk with His most beloved in the cool of our day" - Genesis 3:8. 

(Insert from Nicole's New Book - Coming Soon in 2021)


Nicole's  daily "Cuppa with her Papa" as she describes her daily talks with God, offers fresh, revelatory insights straight from the heart of the Father. To read Nicole's latest Prophetic posts click on the BLOG above and be sure to follow her on social media to stay up-to-date with all new Prophetic Releases.

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